Top Tips for Traveling with Dogs

Today’s article is brought to you by animal lover Mary Scott who would like to share her long lasting experiences with travelling with dogs.

There’s nothing better than taking your beloved dog (or any other pet) on holiday with you. Long walks through scenic parks and pristine beaches are just the tonic for both yourself and your furry legged friend. Yet travelling with your dog, especially on long haul flights, throws up many issues. The key to travelling with pets is research and planning. Prior planning for travelling with your dog can help turn a stressful experience into an enjoyable part of the trip.

Image: Carry on Companion by Randy Robertson (CC BY2.0)

It’s all about the planning. Each airport, airline and country will have varying rules and regulations on how to transport your pets so conducting thorough research is essential. Some won’t allow any pets to travel whilst others may request your pet to be placed in a lengthy quarantine. On the other hand, some airlines allow smaller dogs to stay in the cabin with you. Such variation makes research and planning vital.

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Nearly every country insists on dogs being vaccinated against rabies and you will have to provide proof of this. Some destinations and travel companies also insist on your dog having a health certificate that has been issued within 10 days of your flight. More than that, if you want to travel abroad and export your pet from Australia, you will need an Export Permit and a Health Certificate.

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Planning extends beyond travelling with your dog. It’s essential to find pet friendly accommodation and you should not presume pets are always allowed. Europe, in particular, is filled with pet friendly places that will welcome you together with your animal friend. Even large European cities, such as Berlin, offer a great variety of pet friendly restaurants and accommodation, as you may see for example on this booking site, that permits you to check whether and which pets are welcomed as well as all other important details. But remember that it’s still important to seek confirmation from the accommodation before you book.

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Long haul flights are hard enough for humans let alone dogs so preparing your pets for the journey is crucial. Firstly, be sure to purchase direct flights so not to disturb your dog too much and avoid the added worry of making your connection.

Placing your dog in a crate or kennel for a long flight may weigh heavy on your heart. To assure your dog has the best possible flight prepare your crate with his favourite toys, a blanket and a good supply of water. This will leave them both mentally and physically relaxed ahead of their long journey.
Pre-flight planning will help your dog have the best flight. So on top of preparing their crate, take them for a walk right up until boarding. This will make the crate seem more appealing to your beloved pet who will welcome a chance to rest.
Planes are certainly not designed for dogs. Yet with prior planning you can minimise the stresses for both you as the owner and your pets.

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