Tough Toys

You know what it’s like when you love and I mean really LOVE a toy, you want to play with it all the time, you might have a bit of rough and tumble and you might, just might want to

CHEW it a bit.


Now my mum thinks I beheaded this possum on purpose, but I didn’t, I promise you,


OK I can see you don’t believe me. Well I kinda did, but not like she thinks. How it really happened was I was playing a nice game of chase the possum around the sofa and I was just giving it a friendly shake when suddenly out of the blue the head fell off in my mouth. No-one could have been more shocked than I was. That’s shoddy workmanship is what I thought. That wasn’t what mum thought though, the words¬†‘that’s the second toy this week you’ve destroyed’ and ‘I’m not buying you anything else’ I think came out of her mouth and even worse she looked really CROSS. Which sometimes means no dog treats for me. So I did what all clever dogs do in this situation, I instantly assumed the default ‘how to stop your human being cross position’.


But for some reason today this didn’t seem to work. Which gave me time to think….. I need a toy that actually likes playing and enjoys being chewed on and that doesn’t lose its head when the going gets tough. Which got me thinking there has to something out there, so after much doggie research this is my list to the top tough toys.

1/Aussie Dogs Staffie Ball

BALL2These look like great fun and the website even says that they’ve been tested on lions (which seems a little scary to me) and they’re supposed to be indestructible. This one’s from Aussie Dog for $71.50 AUD sadly it only comes in orange, which to be honest I don’t think is my colour. I am a lady you know!

2/ Stag Bars

StagBar Extra Large

Now these look fantastic to me. They’re not officially a toy, they’re really a chew. But they’re one that supposed to take a really long time to eat. They’re made of deer antlers which initially got me a bit worried, until I found out that deer antlers fall off naturally, so no real deers were harmed in the making of my lovely toy/snack and they’re supposed to be really good for me. They also make them with ropes so my human can play too.

3/ Kong Extreme Traxx

traxx kong

This is my favourite in the extreme range. I like that it looks like a wheel and I like that there are lots of places to find treats. It’s also supposed to be completely indestructible. But we’ll see about that.

4/ Skinneeez Tons of Fun Beaver


These look nice and soft and I think I could play tug with them. They’re supposed to be hard to destroy because they have no stuffing in them. Let’s see.

5/ The Whale Super Tuff Dog Toy


This a super tuff soft toy. It was designed in the states and was made for Zoos to give to the baby lions to play with. So I’m figuring it must be pretty tough. It’s been graded an 8 out of 10 in the toughness test (I’m not sure what this really is, and I’m hoping that the 2 that it’s missing doesn’t mean that I’ll be able to tear its fin off). Saying that I think this looks like a great toy to play with.

Well that’s it for me. I’m off to see if my human’s cheered up a bit and feels like buying me some¬†new toys.

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