Lucky Puppies

Fellow sufferers. You know sometimes your humans decide to go away, leaving you behind?

I’ve never understood why they don’t want to keep the pack together but once a year my lot go off on a plane to somewhere warm…

leaving me behind to suffer the joys of ‘Mr’s Trimble’s Luxury Dog Kennels’ down the road

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 5.04.49 PM

which I can tell you are far from luxurious. It reminds me of the early years of my life when I served time at the Battersea Dog’s home when…

I got arrested for a few minor misdemeanors running with a crew of street dogs.

I’m kept in a cage for most of the time, almost starved to death and largely ignored by the waddling Mrs Trimble who’s all smiles when the humans deliver me but turns nasty as soon as they’ve gone. And to make it worse, the week before they leave me behind, my humans start saying things like,

‘lucky Fred, off for a holiday at Mr’s Trimbles,’ like they expect me to wag my tale at that – traitors!

If you suffer from the same annual fate, I suggest you make your humans watch this video of a place called Lucky Puppy in Michigan USA, a cage-free nirvana with a bone-shaped pool. They even have organized games, treats and I suspect as much food as you can eat.

I’ve always known that the Americans are way ahead of the pack but this is something else.

If I get taken to Trimble’s prison again next year, I can’t be held responsible for my actions.


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