Woman Eats Dog Food!

I don’t know what all the fuss is about to be honest. The humans seem to be all excited about a woman in Richland, Washington USA who has started eating food from the store she owns, Paws Natural Pet Emporium . She’s apparently proving that the food she sells is so healthy it’s probably much healthier than the human food on offer around the USA. Well, DUH! Of course it is, do you think we dogs would put up with some of the rubbish they serve up at their revolting fast-food chow houses? Well, OK if there’s nothing else on offer I suppose I’ve been known to force down a Big Mac or two or maybe a bucket of KFC if no-one’s looking but we’d generally prefer something a little more tasty.


Dorothy Hunter, the lady in the news has been chomping down, “very good” freeze-dried cheddar dog treats as well as green-bean chips, also intended for us dogs. “This is a really good diet for me,” she said,  “because I’m going to be eating some green beans today,” Probably the first time she’s seen a green bean I’m guessing but who am I to say? The point is IT’S OUR FOOD! Stick to your own lady.  It’s hard enough staying fed in this world without you humans getting your teeth into our meagre rations.


 Fred Barker.

Source:  KGW.com

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