Clever Pet – Game Console and Dog Bowl

Designed by Leo Tottier and Dan Knudsen, two PHD students, Trottier in Cognitive Science and Knusden in Neuroscience, specialising in hardware and software that interacts with animals.

clever pet 2

The game and console remind me a bit of the early1970’s console game Simon, although it’s a lot more sophisticated. It works that if your dog presses the durable, pet friendly touch pads that light up in a certain sequence they’re rewarded with a treat. It has various different levels so that your dog doesn’t get bored and you can program your own voice commands into it, listen for when your dog might be barking or bored and it connects to Wi-fi.

clever pet 1 level 4 clever pet CleverPet_DogBranded7

The Clever Pet is being funded by Kickstarter and with only 17 days left to go they’ve already raised $126,526. They’re selling the initial console/feeders at $129 I’m tempted although I’m a bit worried it could turn me into a pushy dog parent! What if they’re not clever enough to get to level 4!

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