Ruffwear – For the Adventurous Dog

Or for a dog that needs boots or a coat, and as your mind goes to ‘why would a dog need boots and a coat?’ A quick look at their testimonials gives the definite answer; LOTS and LOTS of dogs need boots and coats for some very practical reasons.

ruffwear grip trexTake Bella for instance, she uses their boots when she goes walking in Baja Mexico to protect her paws from the cactus, thorns and grass seed that are to be found on her journey

cooler image and Betty a French Bulldog from Copenhagen who wears their ‘Swamp Cooler’ vest in summer to stop her from overheating and Ginger from Arizona who wears her bright red harness to make her instantly visable to the target shooters in the national park out there.


Ruffwear was started when Patrick (the founder) developed a collapsible food and water bowl for a friend’s Rhodesian Ridgeback, Moqui who came on their mountain biking adventures with them and was struggling to drink out of a plastic bag that they’d filled with water for him. This was back in 1994, when travel dog bowls were few and far between. Patrick went on to develop and launch the Quencher™Bowl’ to much acclaim and thanks from dogs around the world.


Fast forward to 2013 and the range now includes: dog packs, harnesses, apparel, dog boots, and dog life jackets.

Check out their website HERE or their fantastic blog HERE to read all about the range.

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