How Much Is Too Much? $2 million Puppy

Yep you’ve read that right. A man in China has just spent $2 million dollars on a puppy!!!! Which to me sounds more than a little CRAZY. This is what his money bought him (the dog on the left).china dog

What did he get for his money?

The gorgeous one year old Tibetan Mastiff on the left.

OK it looks really nice and quite fluffy but $2 million?

This Tibetan Mastiff’s is according to the man who sold it to him ‘unique as it has lion’s blood and is a top of the range mastiff stud’.

Hmm still $2 million sounds a bit expensive!

Tibetan Mastiff’s are prized in China and are seen as a status symbol for China’s elite.

That one looks nice and friendly what’s their temperament?

Hmmm they have been known to chew through doors and chain link fences. A quick read of┬áJust Dog Breeds has them as destructive, challenging, aggressive, dominant. They can be trained (but it’s not going to be that easy) and it’s best not to leave them alone with children or in reality adults.

Why did he buy one then?

Besides the status gained from having this lion of dog, we’re guessing that his stud fees will be pretty high. Maybe when you think of it that way $2 million could be a pretty good buy.

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