Daisy and Francis

Ever wondered what it’s like to live in a castle? This week’s Inside Scoop is from the gorgeous Daisy and Francis (a member of her staff), who live in Hellifield Peel Castle in Yorkshire, UK.

daisy surveying her castle
Daisy surveying her Castle

My name is Daisy I am Lhasa Apso; a small terrier from Tibet, well Sheffield in reality, but one usually glosses over that minor detail. I am a keen writer, raconteur, sausage taster extraordinaire and manager of Hellifield Peel Castle; a Boutique Hotel and the only Knights templar Castle in England. My House was featured on Grand Designs but I was edited out of the programme due to the director being concerned that I would upstage the presenter Kevin McCloud. I can understand their concerns because having nearly 7,500 followers on twitter and an ever adoring fan base I can sympathise with the ageing presenter’s anxiety.

daisy in front of castle
Daisy looking out for visitors (or sausages)

 I first met my Staff, The Shaw family (Karen and Francis and their daughters Harriet and Morgen) when Harriet their Daughter and her idiotic father Francis came to collect me from an estate in Sheffield; I was carried home in a cardboard box with a newspaper and jay cloth placed under me! Some humans have such a weird notion about dogs I certainly would have preferred the leather seats in the rear but such is life!

harriet and daisyDaisy and Harriet

A Day at Hellifield Peel usually involves meeting and greeting guests as well as waving bon voyage to those leaving. I would normally leave the menial tasks of preparing and serving breakfasts to the staff Karen and Francis, but I am always happy to lend a paw if any surpluses require eating. The rest of the day is spent on my divan either sleeping or communicating with my adoring public or writing my latest novel; I have just finished ‘The case of The Curious Orange’! About me of course.

Daisy’s Novel

I sometimes travel with Francis to look at his Architectural projects, which are not bad though I would never admit this to him, but the journeys can be somewhat of a drag as he does drone on! But have a look at his work on www.shawandjagger.com

cooking for guestDaisy and Francis 

We asked Daisy and Francis our 7 Inside Scoop questions.

WW: What is your favourite food?

Daisy: Well it would have to be sausages; and not any old rusk but Hellifield Highlander Sausage from the bottom of our drive and served to our guests as part of wonderful Yorkshire Breakfast. But I am also partial to bacon and eggs!

Francis: Bacon and eggs; bacon cured in the village by our wonderful butchers; S & J Moorhouse and the eggs are from our own chickens freshly lain every day!

daisy sausages
Daisy and her beloved sausages

WW: What is your worst habit?

Daisy: I am told its snoring! I cant believe it myself but the staff assure me I am the regular grunting pig in the corner of the kitchen!

Francis: Karen says I snore! I can’t believe it myself!

daisy snoringDaisy having a snooze

WW: What is your biggest dislike?

Daisy: The Cat! It Miaows like a car alarm going off and you can’t switch him off until he has a plate of Whiskas placed on the ground for his delectation!

Francis: Chickens! The feather dinosaurs poo everywhere and trash the flower beds! Still the eggs are nice! Mind you there is the Cat; It miaows like a car alarm!

daisy and the catDaisy and ‘The Cat’

WW: What is your favourite walk?

Daisy: I have to admit I’m not big on exercise but there is a wonderful walk from just outside the house to the top of Snear Hill ( A ‘Snear’ is the distance an arrow can be shot by a long bow! The staff tried this out and nearly impaled the farmers sheep!) There is wonderful view from the top across the Dales with Hellifield Peel in the Valley below.

Francis: I think it would have to be in the Scottish Highlands. I am working on Mingary Castle. The view along the Ardnamuchan Peninsula are truly magical! I also love walking down the long tree lined drive to Hellifield Peel especially at night you can still walk by the light of the moon and see shooting stars falling onto the sugar loaf hills of the Yorkshire Dales!

karen sneer hill
Daisy and Karen with Snear Hill behind them

WW: What is your best quality?

Daisy: Well one is a Lady so one would have to say being of gentile breeding, an excellent pedigree! Top drawer! I also look cute apparently!

Francis: Cooking the perfect poached egg under pressure!

daisy tongue out
Daisy looking ladylike

WW: What would be your perfect day?

Daisy: Eating sizzling sausages whilst reclining on my divan.

Francis: A day off with the family going out to eat lunch.

WW: Do you think you’re alike?

Daisy: Certainly not! What a ridiculous question; he is small fat and irritating!

Francis: Of course not she is small fat and irritating.

daisy sittingDaisy 

Daisy inspecting the gardens

You can visit Daisy and her Staff (and try out the sausages) at Hellifield Peel Castle, near Skipton in Yorkshire, UK


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