Dog Day by the Bay

Held at one of the most spectacular settings for any dog park. Overlooking Pittwater, a stretch of water in Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches, the day was sunny and dogs and their friends were all out in force. Cleverly the whole event was fenced off, to prevent any sudden escapes. The day started off in style with the dog and owner fancy dress competition. It was won by the gorgeous Kota with Sivi, as his helper who was dressed as a bumblebee as well.

fancy dressKota, Sivi and Mum Kylie (designer of the costumes)

After watching a few of the events we checked out some of the stalls. The first stop was 4 dog paws, where we had a chat with Sue about the 4 dog paws travel mats. They’re easily portable and lightweight, so perfect for weekends away, trips to the beach or friends houses. They also provide a comfortable padded barrier against cold, damp and heat and have the added benefit of being waterproof.

sue paws for dog

4 Dog Paws

There was quite a crowd around the Naturally Pets stall. Their range of natural, healthy and better still home made dog treats were being taste tested and enjoyed by lots of the events visitors.

naturally pets naturally 2 

Next stop was Dog Culture where we checked out their Road Refresher. A non spill travel bowl (which we think could be pretty handy at home too). The design keeps long ears and beards out of the water and reduces slobber by 90%. Their site is also well worth checking out if you’re looking for stylish and unique products (we loved it).


Valery at the Mans Best Friend stall spoke to us (and quite a few other people) about her medicated soap which prevents fleas, ticks, flybite, mozzies and grass mites. Regular use stops itching, scratching, dry skin, dandruff and paw gnawing. The soap is made with natural ingredients and is hand made. It has the added benefit of smelling wonderful. Definitely one to try. Valery is happy to answer any questions about the soap on


All in all a perfect day, thanks to the organizers, let’s hope there’s another one next year.



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