Gonna make me go to Fat Camp

So I was settling in for a nice snooze on the sofa the other night, tummy on display ready for a nice scratch, settling in nicely, I’d wiggled into that perfect sweet spot, you know the one I mean, mouth slightly open, tongue hanging, legs akimbo type of vibe.  To say I was relaxed is an understatement, well I was until I heard the following which struck a knife into my heart.

‘Do you think Roger is getting a little fat?’
and at that I WOKE UP.


There they were hands on MY tummy, yep you’re reading that right MY tummy and things didn’t stop there.
‘Yes you’re right he didn’t used to be this big’,
‘Do you think we’re feeding him too much?‘.
Well I could have told them the answer to that easily,


And I tried but they didn’t seem to understand and just said ‘Roger stop barking’. So I just sat there and listened and I listened some more, since it’s something I’m quite good at and to be honest it’s something they’re not quite so good at. It turns out that they’re thinking of sending me to FAT CAMP. Yep you read that right, FAT CAMP. They got it up online and I had a good look, they were arguing a bit at this point so I had time to have a really good read and it turns out that it’s not so bad, infact it looks pretty good. You see it’s not really about me, it’s about them. It’s a way to help them to lose weight, I’m there for the moral support (which I’m good at) and they’re there for the therapy sessions and the workouts, which to be honest (and I don’t like admitting this) look like quite good fun.

puginfatiguesI’ll be there to help out with the training, which I think I’ll be pretty good at, although I was thinking more of standing on the sidelines and cheering them on, rather than a full on action type of role. So after careful consideration I’m in. I’ll go to Fat Camp.

Nu Beginnings Weight Loss Retreat is in Devon UK, the cost for a one week residential boot camp with your dog starts from 2095 UK pounds.

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