To bark or not to bark?

To bark or not to bark? That’s the question. The trouble is, once you start it’s so hard to stop. IT SOUNDS SO GOOD, why wouldn’t you want to do it all the time? I know, I know it upsets a few people but once you get into the loop it just doesn’t make sense to stop, not unless someone turns up with a lead or a food bowl.

tumblr_m9c5tyh8bw1r518ido1_500I guess it’s the inner wolf or something like that but man, it feels good to just let go sometimes. Do I like the sound of my own voice? Guess I do, guilty as charged, what can I say. Don’t tell me that you haven’t sometimes just wanted to howl at the moon for no good reason. Go on, give it a go. it might make you feel better.


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