No Room at the Inn ‘if you have a dog’

Back in the day, BD (before Dog), when you first start telling people that you’re about to get a dog, one of the first things people say to you is ‘Won’t you feel trapped?‘ or ‘They can be quite a responsibility you know’ or even better ‘You won’t be able to stay out all night anymore‘ and while they’re nodding sagely and looking concerned all you can think is, fantastic, bring on the dog. Who wants to stay out all night anymore and anyway what freedom is actually left when you add in a job and mortgage payments.

Years later I realise what they should have said is, ‘You are now a second class citizens and should you dare go on holiday with said dog, you and your lovely (cleaner than lots of people) dog will be relegated to; let’s be honest, not very nice places, places that BD you would really never have gone before and the doors to all the lovely places that you used to go to will be resoundingly closed to you for ever. Or something like that.

sad lab

Thankfully times have changed, well in some countries, not so much in others. The UK and the USA are pretty good, Australia so far is turning out to be, well not so good (but we will keep searching). Not all of the places advertise or even promote the fact on their websites, but with a bit of digging around (sorry) you can find 5 star Hotels, luxury holiday rentals,  boutique hotels and achingly hip B ‘n’ B’s all of which will welcome you both and will also, if you’re lucky provide treats and goody bags for the canine member of your party. Check out the Travel section of Wagging World for some of our finds. The image below is from the fantastic website Chien Blue Travel. An accommodation company in the UK that specialises in Luxury accommodation for you and your dog. Read all about it HERE

after hotel imageIf you’ve stayed in, own or know of any gorgeous places then we’d LOVE to hear from you

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